Enjo Canada

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About Enjo Canada

ENJO offers toxic-chemical-free fibres that clean pore deep, saving you time, money, your health and the environment all while making cleaning easier! Imagine cleaning with cold water and getting the best clean you can imagine!!

Cheerfully Lit

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About Cheerfully Lit

Cheerfully Lit creates scented soy candles that is designed to add to your existing home décor style. Having clean lines and with elegant, simplistic labeling you will love having these candles lit on the coffee table, kitchen counter top or bedside table! These candles also make a perfect gift. Whether it be a house warming gift, mothers day gift or gift for yourself, you will get a quality gift to give to anyone!

Krista's Scent Shop


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About Krista's Scent Shop

Scentsy...Fill your life with fragrance!
The safe alternative to candles! No smoke, no soot, no chemicals, no dangerous open flames that could burn your house down.
The scented wax bars are slowly melted in a warmer with the heat of a safe low-watt light bulb that then releases amazing, long lasting scent into your space. But Scentsy is not all warmers and wax either! We have cleaning and self care products plus we even have products for children, pets!
Scentsy is also safe around animals and children!

Crafty Designs by Jen

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About Crafty Designs by Jen

We customize in apparel, home decor and more! Check out many of our custom order ideas.

For the love of pouring

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About For the love of pouring

Beautiful one of a kind hand poured tile coasters. Finished in a high quality resin for heat resistance and durability

Thirty-One with Kait

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About Thirty-One with Kait

Crazy Bag lady sharing her love for bags, home decor and home organization!

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