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About Lala & Nana's Designs

I am a stay at home mom to 4 year-old twin girls, Milayna and Naya. They were born at 30 weeks gestation at Mount Sinai Hospital in 2016. My daughter Naya was born with many life threatening medical conditions including an Omphalocele (abdominal wall defect) and many Complex Heart Conditions. She spent the first 14.5 months of her life at SickKids Hospital. She had multiple surgeries, procedures, tests etc in her short life. Needless to say she is considered as medically fragile. She has been hospitalized many time’s for viruses such as your everyday common cold. Due to her needs, I chose to stay home and rehabilitate her and her sister who also has Cerebral Palsy.

I’ve always had a love for hair bows as I would dress my daughters in them since they were babies. Even my daughter who lived at SickKids had different bows on everyday. It made me feel as though she was a normal baby and she wasn’t sick when I would dress her up in bows.

About 2 years ago, I decided to start making hair bows for my girls, friends and for the children who are inpatient in the Critical Care Cardiac Unit at SickKids Hospital where my daughter Naya spent most of her 14 month stay. I received such great feedback that I decided to start my own bow making business and here we are!

By supporting my small business, you are supporting my dream. You are supporting my family including medical supplies and therapy for my daughters (not everything is covered by the government or private insurance). You are also helping me give back to those in the CCCU at SickKids where my daughter spent 6 months fighting for her life. I make it my mission to donate hair bows and bow ties regularly to help brighten their day

For every Hair Bow or Bow Tie purchased between November and December, 1 Hair Bow or Bow Tie will be donated from my shop to a child at SickKids to wear on Christmas Day

Thank you all for being here and supporting my dream

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About Thirty-One with Kait

Crazy Bag lady sharing her love for bags, home decor and home organization!

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